Andriy Lyubka

September 2017

One of the most known younger Ukrainian writers Andriy Lyubka (1987), together with his wife, was staying in a Residential center. During his stay, he met with the Serbian writer Svetislav Basara. Having stayed at Fruška Gora, he completed the translation from Serbian to Ukrainian the Basara`s book Fame about bikers.

Spring on Fruska Gora 2017

Dandelion field

Guest from Belarus


Four young people who are engaged in the culture of sport were our guest:Darja Zelenskaja, Igor Kurčatov, Dimitrije Kurčatov, Anja Krapova.

Guest in Residency - Lisa Minaeva


The young artist from Russia is the guest of the residential center. Lisa writes his first book and is working on a project Blossom of Silence.

Andriy Lyubka


The poet from Ukraine visited the residential center. Andriy will translate some work of Serbian writer in the Ukrainian language. But, he has not decided which of the work to be translated yet. It was agreed that he will be a guest of the residential center next year.

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Fama about bikers

Svetislav Basara

At the beginning of this year, a translation into the Ukrainian language of books by Serbian writer Fama about bikers was published.The translation of Andrej Lipka, writer and translator,  was made during his stay in Fruška Gora.

Further collaboration on Serbian soil

My name is Lisa Minaeva, I’m a video artist and writer based in Moscow. Fruska gora was my first experience of staying in the art residency, and one can’t dream of a better one. It’s a very peaceful, comfortable and spacious place situated in the national park, equipped with everything one might need. The residency also has a garden full of all sorts of fruits which helps a lot to broaden one’s daily menu.Dimitrije was the greatest host ever, very thoughtful and welcoming and always ready to help with the food, transportation, useful information and contacts – basically with everything; also a great researcher and personality always interesting to talk to.Being there I was able to get distracted from the daily routine and concentrate on writing process, which helped me to write half of the book I intend to complete later this year. Futhermore, getting to know the people from art sphere in Belgrade and Novi Sad with Dimitrije’s help laid the foundation for the further collaboration on Serbian soil. 

Shakespeare on Fruska Gora

13 July

Residential Center has organized a dinner for the guests and organizers of the Shakespeare festival, which was held from 29 June to 13 July. In this way continued mutual cooperation.

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