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Alessandro Salvi presenta sė stesso

LA VOICE DEL POPOLO - Venerdi, 24 Giugno 2016

Scritto da Christina Golojka

Rovigno Alessandro Salvi, nota poeta e scrittore rovignese, ė rientrato di recente della Fruska gora, in Vojvodina, dopo un mese trascorso in una residenza per scrittori tra la natura e il silenzio.

Guest in Residency - Alessandro Salvi


Alessandro Salvi is one of the most prominent poets of Italian literature Istrian-born in the mid seventies. House for writers from Pazin (Croatia) gives scholarship to Alessandro Salvi for stay in Vojvodina, in the framework of cooperation with the Foundation Balkankult.

Glas Istre Daily newspaper - Politika


Masks made by theatre director Sabry Zekry were used for  teaching students  in the workshop in the Greece.

Time to relax

Sabry and friends from Novi Sad, Alexander Pedović, painter, Vesna Jaric, architects and Ivana Vujadinović, a biologist at dinner in the house of Dimitrije Vujadinović.

Guest in Residency - Sabry Zekry


Sabry Zekry is Iranian-Egyptian theatre researcher, writer, actor's trainer and Director. Sabry's work includes actor's training, physical theatre, play writing, theatre directing and storytelling. He received his Diplomas in Film-making and Conceptual Photography in 2007 and in 2011 he received his B.A. in Theater Directing. The following years, he performed in various Festivals in South Korea, Egypt, Greece, Poland and Iran. In 2013 he received a grant from Al Mawred Al Thaqafy to produce the project based in intercultural encounters between Egyptian and Persian storytelling styles.

Guest in Residency - Babken Simonjan


The famous writer, translator and Honorary Consul of Serbia in Armenia Babken Simonjan stay in the Rresidential center in Fruska Gora. During his residend he gave a lecture in Matica Serbian, Novi Sad and visited monasteries in Fruska Gora. He will write travelogue essay about his stay in Serbia..

It was agreed that Mr. Simonijan again be a guest of  BKFR et the end of October.

An intensive program of activities Armenian musician and rechear Lucineh Hovanissian in Serbia

Concert in Belgrade                               Lecture on Faculty of Philology in Belgrade


Guest in Residency - Lucineh Hovanissian

November, 24, December, 08

Born in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1973, Lucineh Hovanissian has shown an interest in music in her early youth. She has been performing on stage since the age of 9 as a soloist singer in Yerevan’s Municipal Park children’s Band. She studied music (piano and composition) at music school, and at the age of 11, began performing as a pianist-composer. In 1994 she graduated from Yerevan State Medical University (diploma with honours) followed subsequently by post-graduated studies in the field of children’s dentistry. Lucineh completed her musical studies in the vocal department of the Jazz Art College and the Yerevan State Conservatory.
She won awards at the Aram Khatchaturian competitions among young composers of Armenia. In 2002 she became a UNESCO laureate in music (Bursary Aschberg). In 2004 she had the first place (category “Solo Canto”) at the VII International Festival MUSICWORLD in Fivizzano (Italy).
Lucineh was soloist in the Armenian National Radio Chamber Choir as well as correspondent for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Armenian service. She has performed in Armenia, Georgia, France, Canada and Italy.More...

Supported by

Armenian musician Lucineh Hovanissian

CONCERT, live act, performance

November, 27

'' While listening on my cosmic phone... (from Nikola Tesla's epigram)''

Piano & the ultimate instrument- the human voice! A versatile and multi-colored fusion, oscillating between classical & jazz, modern & baroque...

Nikola Tesla  was claiming that the atmosphere is full of energy and that the IONOSPHERE might be the place where all streams of energy could be directed and then everybody could catch an unlimited amount of energy from the Ionosphere. Seems that the  same is true for the so called ‘NOOSPHERE’-- the universal KNOWLEDGE FIELD-- a place where all the  information streams have their source and afterwards are recycled likewise in a bank of  information with an unlimited database.

Supported by

Guest in Residency - Nina Sallinen and Gia Forakis

June, 19/25

Two great theater artists during maintenance Shakespeare Festival in Indjija, Čortanovcima and Novi Sad stayed in BKF residence. Nina Sallinen (Helsinki, Finland / LA, U.S.) has played in The Poor, Poor Lear. Gia Forakis (New York, U.S.) held a three-day workshop  for students: One Thought - One Action.

Wine, bread and something else - As You Like It

June, 24

On the occasion of Shakespeare Festival BKF Rezidenc organized a party in the wine cellar Fruškogorje.

ITAKA Shakespeare Festival, Serbia

I am here as a guest artists teaching OTOA, and drinking up the atmosphere of generosity, art, beauty, nature and -- of course—vino, Gia Forakis

Guest in Residency - Caitlin McGuire

May, 2014

Caitlin McGuire (US) is currently working on a novel about a 20th century freak show, and is at the Balkankult residency as part of a research trip across Europe. As a side project, she is also at work on a series of travel essays.


Annual report 2013


Mariko Hori in Belgrade


Photos and works created during the artist's stay in a residence will be presented in two solo exhibitions in Belgrade.

Literary encounter

August, 26

Guests from Vienna Elena Messner  and Eva Schörkhuber  give a presentation on the projects on which they are work on the terrace of the Residency. Presentation attended by Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade, journalists, publishers and literary men.

After the presentation, Balkankult organized a cocktail party for all attendees.

Pleasant Time at the Residence

In connection with my doctoral research on private museums in Vojvodina, I spent 2 days at the Balkankult residence in Fruška Gora in mid-September 2013.I had a very pleasant time at the residence and in the beautiful surroundings, but first and foremost in the company of Dimitrije Vujaninović and his wife, Danica Radović, who are extremely warm and hospitable people. The couple provided me with both information and data of private museums in the region and my stay gave me new insights and knowledge on the topic that I wanted to pursue. The educational stay at the residence gave me invaluable lessons and memories for the future. Both in terms of my topic, but also in terms of the generous hospitality offered to me by my hosts.

Siri Therese Sollie

Guest in Residency - Siri Therese Sollie, from Norwey


Cultural researchers from Norway spent a few days at the Residence and together with Dimitrije Vujadinović visited several private museums in Vojvodina. Her stay is  connection with her doctoral research on private museums in Vojvodina.

Siri with Zarko Zivanovic founder and owner of the Museum of Beekeeping Siri with founders and owners, family Kacar, of the Museum of Traditional Costumes of Krajina Serbs

Again in Residency


Elena Messner and Eva Schörkhuber


Making apple brandy

The Residency was organized destilarion of natural brandy on the courtyard. Guests of Residency Laura and Eva had the opportunity to learn how to make natural brandy (and taste).

Artist from Italy - Laura Ghiandoni


Fotografia e Scrittura Creativa

Italian artist working with photography and writing. She deeped her interest for the arts of poetry and photography combining them at times with what she called Photopoem.

Inaugurazione della mostra fotografica di Laura Ghiandoni

Guest of Residency, Wilfried Reinthaler

July, 2013

Wilfried Reinthaler is working on his art piece "under the bridge, schottwien" (concept: - german only), a sound installation, concerning traffic and society in and around the lower Austrian town Schottwien. Also he is laying groundwork for his art project "distraction", an interactive art piece concerning privacy, self-expression and boredom within social networks.

Guest of Residency - Elena Messner and Eva Schörkhuber from Vienna

July, 2013

Eva Schörkhuber is working on her novel "Golden Ages?" (working title) and Elena Messner is finishing the publication of a small book of essays and critics. Both also came to finish their work on their anthology to the literary Vienna Soundwalks, where writers from middle- and southern Europe write about Vienna.

Talking to the Silence...

is a collaboration between British Artist Johanna Katerinas and Japanese Artist Mariko Hori....

Mariko Hori - Concept, Vocals, Composition
Johanna Katerinas - Concept, Keyboards, Sampling, Composition, Editing

Both Artists were residents at The Balkankult Foundation Artists Residency near Novi Sad, Serbia in the Spring of 2013...Talking to the Silence... is a Sound/Music piece conceived from the relative silence that both Artists encountered whilst at the Residency, and the creative ideas that were born out of this experience.

Johanna Katerinas

Johanna is artist from the UK, (Portsmouth), currently doing MA in Fine Art at the University of Portsmouth. Her recent work uses Sound sometimes with moving image.

Cultural incubator in Fruska gora

Daily newspaper „Politika”, May 6th

Japanese Mariko Hori and Joanne Katerinas, from GB, realized art projects in unique residential center in Serbia

Kulturni inkubator, Politika, 06.05.

Museum Macura

Fenna in the seasons open at the Museum Macura, 4 May, Banovci near Belgrade


Paradajz is Paradise

Not only the good taste of tomatoes (Paradajz)
what is my favorite food in the world,
but also lovely people who are full of hospitality,
free, strong and with warm heart.

Beautiful nature in slow time
drinking homemade wine and rakija
(sometimes from morning)…
everything in Serbia is wonderful,
Serbia is Paradise for me.

And futhermore, we must rememeber
the special word  "Don`t worry be happy"
which is the password in BKF Residency.

I was worried about being always too happy.
I really appriciate your kindness
and please accept my heartfelt
thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Best wishes for your future.

Mariko Hori, 28th Apr. 2013

Television crew of the National television RTS was visiting Residency


Interview with Mariko Hori from Japan and Johanna Katerinas from the GB.

TV crew Mariko Johanna Maja Skovran, editor

Fenna Plaisier

The young historian and activist of the Friends of the Earth Fenna Plaisier from the Netherlands was guest of the Residence. During her stay she was learned more about the culture and customs in Serbia.


Culinary skills

Mariko, Johanna with friend for Serbia

Mariko Hori guest form Japan preparing Serbian national cheese pie (gibanica).

Mariko Hori



Visuel artist Mariko Hori from Japan was guest of Residency.

Airing Serbia by M. Hori

The Danube Dialogue

Dialog an der Donau

The Danube Dialogue is publication by authors Nenad Novak Stefanović and Stefan Barth on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the settlements of the Germans in Vojvodina. The book was came out in March 2013.

Throughout their 10-day stay in the BKF residential center (May 2012), the authors moderated discussions on life as it relates to the Danube: experience, heritage, prejudice, inspiration, historic views, perspectives, overcoming the negative, cultural cooperation in the Danube region, the Danube messages...

The publication is printed in Serbian and German.

New Balkankult Foundation Intereg office

Balkankult opened a new office. Thanks to a donations Balkankult bought modular facility set and placed close to the BKF Residency in the Fruska gora. This will enables more efficient works of Balkankult and Residency. The office has fully technical equipment for two persons.





Balkankult thanks    

Guests from US

Ruth Margraff, Associate Professor, Art Institute of Chicago and Nikos Brisco, singer/songwriter/composer, were guests in October.

Some pages which Ruth was writing during her Residency.

Poem of Nikos Brisco.


Ruth and Nikos - making apple brandy

Ruth, making apple brandyNikos, measure alcohol in the brandy


Reinhard Doubrawa, artist  form Germany, fishing            Paprikash was excellent


Working lunch

The Balkankult  was organized working lunch et 24th August in Residence.  In lunch were present: Prof. Dr Predrag Sidjanin, architect; Aleksandar Pedovic, former president of the Association of Applied Artists of Vojvodina and Dimitrije Vujadinovic, Balkankult. They talked about starting program Balkankult-talks and activities that will be organized during stay Prof. Reinhard Doubrawa, artist from Germany in Residence, when the implementation of the program should be officially launched.

Project of Reinhard Doubrawa guest of Residency


Firs topic: Values for a local identity – about the necessity of culture


Talking with people from different disciplines (technicians, architects, artists, writers,...) with different perspectives. That project that could build a new view onto locality in a global relation (... under global pressure).

Reinhard Doubrawa, artist  from Germany

Reinhard Doubrawa, artist  form Germany, working in  the terase of Residency Reinhard and Dimitrije

Reinhard Doubrawa, artist  form Germany,

Special activities – Short courses in making brandy

Guests of Residency had the opportunity to learn how to make natural brandy. Master at distilling Milos gave a short course in making brandy et 12th July. In specially constructed distillation has been made 45 liters of apricot brandy for one night (seven hours).

Next courses of making brandy will be in August, first from plum and after from pear!

Art Photographer from California

Fine Art photographer Denise George from the US stayed the residency from 21 to 23 May. Purpose of these visits was to do some pilot photographs linked to the cultural cuisine in Vojvodina. On this occasion together with Dimitrije Vujadinovic, director of Balkankult, visited the restaurant called the Old building in the city Mol, the fish restaurant Carda in city Bezdan and Jeremija - Serbian bread museum in Pecinci, where she attended the family celebration of Slava. The plan is that she will come back in September and continuing her work.

Dialogue on the Danube

Dimitrije Vujadinovic, Stefan Barth, Nenad StefanovicMr. Stefan Barth and Mr. Novak Stefanovic, who are jointly working on the project Dialogue on the Danube, spent ten days on Mt. Fruska Gora. During this time they agreed on the structure and content of publication that will be the result of their dialogue.  It is anticipated that he publication will be published in late October this year.


International cooperation - The Centre has established cooperation with the Akademie Schloss Solitude from Stuttgart, one of the most important residency centres in Europe.It has been agreed that a Residency representative will visit Stuttgart, Regensburg and Ulm in April in order to negotiate concrete forms of cooperation with representatives of the associations Donumenta, Donauburo and KunstlerHaus II, Residence.

Hosting guests - Artists, writers and cultural practitioners from Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Finland have already applied for staying at the Centre in 2012.

Planned programs

The Danube Dialogue by authors Nenad Novak Stefanović and Stefan Barth on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the German settlements in Vojvodina.

Women and visual art - Round table, the topic of the presence of women in visual art is closely tied to the program (workshop) organized within the Iwano Project.

Development - It is planned for the BKF Residency to develop in the direction of a "creative cultural incubator". With that goal in mind, it is necessary to provide a space for holding round tables, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and video projections. It will be necessary to build a small multifunctional conference hall.

The BKF Residency become member of the Microresidence Network

On 24th December 2011 Youkobo Art Space came together with Studio Kura(Fukuoka), INSTINC (Singapore) and Nha San Studio (Hanoi/via skype) to discuss in detail the possibilities of creating a microresidence network.

Microresidence Network Research

Cooperation with the residence center from Pecs

Karoly  MehesBeginning of cooperation with the residence center from Pecs. Karoly  Mehes, author and coordinator of the Pecs Residence Center (Hungary) has stayed at the Balkankult Foundation Residence center from November 2-4. The possibilites of cooperation between the two centers were discussed. It has been agreed upon for a cooperation protocol to be signed, which will encompass works on mutual projects, exchange of information and other things.

A mutual project has been planned for next year - Dialogue of two writers.  One writer from both Hungary and Serbia would stay for a week in each residence center and have a dialogue on certain topics. The conversation would be noted and published at the end of the year in the form of a publication. After the signing of the protocol, by the end of this year, further details of the project will be worked on.


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