BKF Residency Location

The house of the BKF Residency is located in the Northern part of Serbia, in the National Park of Fruska Gora, 50 km from Belgrade and 20 km from Novi Sad, the latter an important university centre and the second largest city in Serbia.

The location is characterised by exceptional natural surroundings (7 km from Danube) and a number of late-medieval orthodox monasteries. GPS: Longitude 19° 56` 25.80" E 45“08’47.04 N – 19“56’26.65“ E

This environment as well as being in the vicinity of Novi Sad can make the residency attractive for those who want to create in peace and be still not far from an urban centre with a developed cultural life. For guests without their own means of transportation, the connection with Novi Sad can be ensured with taxis (their price, one direction, is ca. 160 RSD = 1.50 Euros).

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